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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Chatham on 12M at 22:00 local !!!

ZL7E - Chatham Islands DXpedition 2015

About week ago I heard ZL7E Chatham Island on 12M CW with great signal. But they just started so NA wall was quite big , then I was busy chasing V6Z and PQ0T on others bands. It was in the evening our time , about 2h after sunset here in EI. I knew it will be workable around that time because ZL7AAA gave me QSO on 10M about one year ago.
Chatham Island is a challenge to put it in the log because it is geography antipodes for Europe.
Short pass or long pass is "almost" the same.
Still needed ZL7 on ... 12M (and 80 and TB but this is different story)
Last night didn`t copy them on 12M CW but worked V6Z instead on 15M CW via L/P (nice surprise!)
Tonight ZL7E again on 12M but SSB ... much more difficult to work than CW ...
SP very weak , LP NIL
signal on SP was up and down all the time barely readable ...
"ZL7E listen up" SWL from time to time and 5/9 too
Many spots on DX-Cluster from USA stations which worked them up 8. Decided to give a try , I was trying for 1h! up 5 up 8 ... pile up was quite good and it was almost impossible to break NA wall ... but when up 5 was quite busy ... up 8 was clear ... and I was there for good few moments ...
finally EA9KC 59 ... EI EI EI9KC ... EI9KC 59 ... 59 Thank you 73!
DXCC nr 280 logged on 12M - Chatham Islands!
SP7IDX Hexbeam did fantastic job!

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