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Friday, 3 April 2015

HF Happenings

King Edward Point
(Picture by Kevin O`Donnell - Flickr)

VP8DOZ - Denis - in my log on 17M as New DXCC! South Georgia Islands

I was waiting for him few evening on his QRG (18.160) he appered there around 20:30 but didn`t copy him at all. Maybe condition were not good , maybe Wicklow Mountains at his direction blocked his signal somehow ... He is using just 100W and 17/20 GP
Decided to go EI0PL location to give a try. And it was good idea. AK61824 antenna by SP3GEM is a good choice ... I was able to hear VP8DOZ on 18Mhz and exchange signal report as well. He was 5/7 at best peak! Thanks for new one Denis. 

VP8DOZ - Denis from South Georgia Islands

V6Z - Micronesia
by Chris GM3WOJ and Keith GM4YXI

Chris and Keith are great DXpeditioners and I have always pleasure to work them
(Niue ZK2V / Cocos (Keeling) Is. VK9CZ / Tonga A35V/A35X)
This time they strikes from Micronesia.
Great choice in my opinion. No many QSOs with V6 in my log and only two bands CFM on LoTW.
This time there is a hope for high bands!
Managed QSO on 12M CW / 17M CW / 20 CW / 15 SSB
New one on 12M!
SWL`ed them on 10M SSB with great signal at about 13:00 local time but didn`t make QSO.
Few days left , who knows ....
As far as I know they survived Tropical Cyclone Maysak!

Enjoyed great Asia opening on 12M yesterday with several JA / HL / BG stations logged on 24Mhz.
South Korea - HL4CEL as New One on this band!
K1N Navassa 2015 LoTW uploaded! All bands all modes .... Happy day!
307 DXCC confirmed on HF!


Happy with few QSO as new bands slots:

PQ0T - Trindade and Martim Vaz Island
on 12/10 and on CW!
Rare DXCC! Already WKD/CFM in 2011
This time only for 3 days!
Huge demand  - Great operators!

OY1OF - Olavur - New on 15
UK8AR - Mikhail on 12
T6T - Shuravi on 30
9V1XE - Mirek - on 12

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