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Sunday, 6 March 2016

12M rocks this weekend and ACOM 1000 is dead .....

All QSOs on 12M this weekend

It was long time ago when I had 12M band in good condition like this weekend. Saturday was JA day with about 50 QSOs made with Japanese stations. Great strong signals and during my CQ I had to go split to manage huge pile-up from far Asia. 

JA / HL QSOs on 12M this weekend

JR6AG gave me a call from Okinawa Island for the second time on 12M
On Sunday 4 stations from South Korea logged.

My amplifier ACOM 1000 didn`t manage pile-up on Sunday. Got some noise during QSO and I had to switch it off. After professional expertise by Adam EI5JQ and Oleg EI7KD verdict can be only one: high voltage transformer is gone .... Replacement will be quite expensive. So well this was probably the end of the transformer life as it was about 8 years old ....

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  1. Hello Ark, had not enough time. But also on 12m SSB the Japanese came in 59. Unfortenately just on that moment I had to go QRT for family duties. 73, Bas