316 x 305
Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Thursday, 24 March 2016

DX of DX - VK0EK - Heard Island !

VK0EK - Heard Island

One of the Most Wanted DXCC after 19 years of silence QRV again !!!

HEARD ISLAND ... One of the most remote places on the Earth

Location of Heard Island on the map

And , and I am happy to be in the log already ! TWICE !!!! Two bands 40/30 CW !!!

Thanks to DXA - The real-time online radio log server - Whole
World can see almost live stations logged.

This is my second experience with DXA


Very weak signal on 40M and not many stations calling , people quite confused 
where DX is listening ??? The trick was ... DN ... It means down. 
Heard Island DXpedition next week will have to share bands with another
Most Wanted DXCC - Juan de Nova FT4JA and both teams agreed how to QRV
and do not mess with callers. Plan is Heard will listen down and Juan de Nova up ....
Will see how it works soon!
Straight after my QSO Adam EI5JQ sent his 5NN to Heard Island and we started to
celebrate. Hard work to fix antennas @ Papa Lima pays off !


On 30M similar situation like on 40M and after few calls got reply F9KC 5NN. Had to repeat just once. EI9KC ... EI9KC 5NN ... Happy days!
QSO managed with simply GP antenna!

Pressure is off now. Will try few more bands soon. VK0EK will QRV for three weeks!
I hope it will be enough time for us.
GL !


  1. congrats on making the contact, I was able to see them on my P3 on 20m and the pileup was crazy.....but as you said it's a very rare item!
    73, Mike

    1. Hi Mike. Thanks. I think they are not active yet on 20M at all. Maybe later. Signals are very weak here anyway. Good Luck! 73Ark

  2. Congrats on getting through so quickly Ark. I might take my chances in a couple of days from a neighbor station - Optibeam @ 17m & legal power. I hope the sun "gets back".
    73 Angel