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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Hallelujah! Heard Island logged on 80 !!!!

Penguins on Heard Island 
photo by  Gavin, VK2BAX

Very tricky QSO made just 3 minutes after midnight on Easter Sunday !
Great Easter bunny present :)

80M QSO - Heard Island - EI9KC

I was on their 80M QRG few hours. Signal zero or even worst. Many DQRM didn`t help at all. This weekend is CQ WPX SSB contest so traffic is smaller plus Easter Holidays traffic smaller again.
First option was how to hear them. I knew it if I can hear them I can work them.
On my 80M antenna - noise lever at S:5 to S:7 , tough ... no RX antenna , no beverages.
But I remember some trick I did recently at Papa Lima QTH where all beverages are not working at present and to hear DX on 80M I was using 30M GP vertical.
Decided try to receive VK0EK on my 30M/40M nested dipoles ... and that was it!
Signal not better but much quiet . Noise level at ZERO ... and little signal from Herad Island went trough ....CQ VK0EK VK0EK DN 1 ....
3516 - 516 is my lucky number (I had unit 516 on 11m band :)
Gave my call few times and received very very weak ... EI9KC EI9KC EI9KC 
No more to say ... R5NN TU ! I think Operator on the other side was NG2H Kenneth.
Thank you ! Great QSO very happy with that.

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