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Band slots (CFM) on Clublog x LoTW
2306 x 2226

Monday, 21 March 2016

3C7A - Equatorial Guinea one Man show!

3C7A by LA7GIA Kenneth

4 years ago to get into the log of 3C6A took me 3 days !!!

LA7GIA Kenneth was active from Equatorial Guinea as 3C7A
and it was big pleasure to work him on few bands!

One Man show! Great CW pile-up operator and biggest challenge was at the beginning when
his split was wide like Navassa style ;) 

I had 10M 12M and 17M confirmed already by 3C6A

This time I had hope for few new slots and : 
  • First QSO with 3C7A logged on 15M CW - when his station wasn`t spotted on DX Cluster ... - NEW BAND! - DXCC - 306
  • 20M CW was good fun to manage 25kHz wide split :) NEW BAND! DXCC - 310
  • 30M CW - it was great surprise to find Kenneth calling endless CQ on quiet band that moment! - NEW BAND! DXCC - 282
  • 15M RTTY - similar to 30M - CQ CQ 3C7A 3C7A UP - no takers. QSO managed with 100W - NEW MODE!
  • 10M CW - had 28Mhz already confirmed but when I heard 3C7A calling CQ for 5 minutes without takers decided to give him a call ....
There is a few great DX-peditioners who can go to Most Wanted DXCC and do similar (or even better ) job than some "DX-peditions" Kenneth LA7GIA is One of Them !

Takk skal du ha.


  1. Hello Ark, congrats. Have been calling on 15 SSB today to get him but was unable to reach him. From what I read here it was just to be on the right frequency on the right time. Have to wait for a next time. 73, Bas

    1. Hi Bas. Main reason here to learn CW was work DX. In my opinion a lot easier it is and will be to do that in CW. Good luck for next time!