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Friday, 4 March 2016

GITMO on 80 !!!!

KG4HF - Guantanamo Bay

Al W6HGF is back on Guantanamo Bay and I am very happy to log him on 80M as new DXCC on this band! He gave me already several new band slots with this entity. 80M tonight was very hard. Tight split and many callers. Big guns only. So it was challenge for me. 
Decided to try as I was at the first line in EU.
Advantage for sure on low bands.
Didn`t work earlier on this band Philippines DU1IST with fantastic signal in my location , had nice short QSO with 3XY1T Los Island in Guinea by Italian DX pedition Team but Guinea is not new country on 80 for me. Spot from KG4HF showed up on 80M. After long battle got magic reply EI9KC 5NN EI9KC just before he went QRT!
Very lucky QSO! GITMO now sorted from 80 to 10 all modes!
QSO already in the log on Clublog and CFM on LoTW as my 181 DXCC on 80M
EI9KC - KG4HF log

Thanks Al !

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